Not Just Confederates! Christians fighting city that took down cross: ‘They really hate what it stands for’

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The cross on Albany Hill had stood for 52 years overlooking the East shore of San Francisco Bay

(FOX) – Christians in a San Francisco Bay Area community are fighting to restore a large cross which had overlooked the city of Albany for over 50 years.

On June 8, 2023, the city took down the cross after years of legal battles between the city council and a local community service group, the Albany Lions Club, which had maintained the structure for decades. The Albany City Council argued the cross shouldn’t remain as a religious symbol on public property and a judge agreed, granting the city possession of the cross in a prejudgment order last year.

But Christians in the community told Fox News Digital the cross was a fixture of the community and people who didn’t like the Christian symbol had stirred opposition against it by spreading lies.

“There were lies actually brought up against the cross saying that it had affiliation with the KKK. And there’s an atheist group that really hates the cross. And so they got people on city council and spread the lies,” Albany native Dorena Osborn told Fox News Digital. “There are many people, older folks, that remember really good memories… So this is really a part of Albany’s heritage.”

Osborn, a devout Christian, grew up visiting the cross and praying there often. The site holds special memories for her. It was where her husband proposed, and where she held her child’s…

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