Now a CLOWN is considered an offensive Halloween costume … ?

(A clown’s white makeup is supposed to be a racist depiction of a black person??? Give me a break… – DD)

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(College Fix) – Hey, guess what? Halloween is on Tuesday.

If you’ve been reading The College Fix for a while, you know this holiday doesn’t mix very well with modern college campuses.

We know that dressing up as a member of an historically marginalized group is the no-no, as is anything remotely associated with the Confederacy, an inventive “Trump wall” costume, and even a “sexy” Mr. Rogers outfit.

“Cultural appropriation,” like the contemporary definition of “racism,” absolves everyone but white people from any social wrongdoing. Look at what the Washington State U. student paper notes in its October 24 edition: “Cultural appropriation is the adoption of a particular culture’s traditions and customs by a more dominant group, according to Oxford Languages” (emphasis added).

And here’s a new one: Clown costumes are a problem. George Washington University freshman Nyla Moxley claims clowns have “distinctly racist origins” as one hundred and fifty years ago a pair of actors “created a character called the ‘tramp clown,’ which was intended to grossly depict Black people who had been displaced after emancipation and…

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