Photographer wins over LGBT+++ Suit. Will it Hold in SCOTUS?

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Supreme Court could echo photographer’s free speech victory over mandated LGBT support
Federal court free speech victory sets the table for Supreme Court to decide nearly identical case

(FOX) City officials in Louisville, Kentucky, needed a lesson in free speech and government overreach. Thankfully, a young mom with a small business there provided it, with an assist from the judiciary.
It’s a lesson the U.S. Supreme Court will hopefully reiterate in just a few months to government officials nationwide.
That Louisville mom is Chesley Nelson, an artist who started her own photography studio, Chelsey Nelson Photography. Like many other artists, Chelsey pours herself into her creations while serving her clients with excellence. She joyfully serves clients of all backgrounds, including those who identify as LGBT, but just can’t express messages she disagrees with — whether that is photographs demeaning others or photographs promoting political views she disagrees with. For Chelsey, it’s all about what a photograph communicates, not who asks for it.
But a Louisville law required Chelsey to create photographs and write blog posts celebrating same-sex weddings because she celebrates weddings between a man and woman. …Read the rest