Red states (especially Dixie) lead the way in protecting married families

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(Washington Examiner) Democrats such as South Dakota Rep. Erin Healy may believe that it is “dangerous and un-American” to suggest that the best environment for raising children is in a married household, but conservatives know the truth.

Volumes of the best social science research show that married families are far more stable and likely to raise healthy , happy , educated, and employed adults than other types of households.

Federal and state governments should be doing what they can to make married life affordable for working couples, but instead, the opposite is true. Means-tested programs such as Medicaid, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and food stamps all discriminate against married families. A single mother who qualified for benefits under any of these programs would lose those benefits if she married a man of equal income.

These programs send over $1 trillion in benefits to families each year. Every one of the programs punishes married couples by denying them benefits if they choose to get married. One study found that a working-class family with…

Red states can lead the way in protecting married families