School district admin sued after saying he wants to bring conservative staff ‘to the slaughterhouse’

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‘[T]hat’s why we put a rope on some of them and take them to the slaughterhouse,’ the vice president of the district said about those who opposed DEI

(FOX) – A California district administrator, who said he wanted to bring voices opposing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives “to the slaughterhouse,” was sued by a faculty member – along with the entire district – for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights.

The Institute for Free Speech filed a lawsuit against district administrators on behalf of Bakersfield College professor Daymon Johnson, who said he was being targeted for investigation after being outspoken about his political beliefs, the College Fix reported Wednesday.

The Bakersfield College is a public institution operated by the Kern Community College District.

The lawsuit said the investigation began after plaintiff Johnson responded to a post from a faculty member – Andrew Bond – which called America a “f—ing piece of s— nation.”

“Maybe Trump’s comment about s—hole countries was a statement of projection because honestly, the US is a f—ing piece of s— nation. Go ahead and quote me, conservatives,” Bond said, according to the lawsuit.

Johnson called Bond an…

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