Selma church praises God after daycare staff saves 70 kids

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(Christian Post) A congregation in Selma, Alabama, praised God and their hero daycare staff on Sunday for saving the lives of some 70 children in their care as deadly tornadoes swept through parts of the southeastern U.S. last Thursday.

Members of Crosspoint Christian Church met in the church’s parking lot for worship on Sunday to give thanks. Despite the devastation of property they suffered, no one from the church community was among the nine fatalities left in the aftermath of at least 35 possible tornado touchdowns in the region.

“Nothing but by the grace of God that they walked out of there,” the Rev. David Nichols of Crosspoint Christian Church told the Associated Press about the survival of the children and staff.

Had it not been for the quick thinking of daycare teachers to gather the children, who range in age from infants to 5-year-olds, in four separate bathrooms, the damage from the tornado would likely have been more devastating for…

Selma church praises God after daycare staff saves 70 kids | U.S. News