Separation of ‘Pride’ and State!

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Something about this pride month feels different, as the reaction to state mandated and enforced mores spreads

(The American Conservative) It feels different in this holy month of June. The colors are there, but something has changed.

Consider the evidence. In California, Armenian parents fought pitched battles with pride activists and Antifa at a school board meeting. In Maryland, Muslim parents protested against LGBT curriculum in schools. Moms4Liberty, one of the fastest-growing and powerful conservative parents’ rights groups, were basically called Nazis by the SPLC, leading to massive protests online. The White House faced a major backlash due to the prominent display of the LGBT flag dominating the American flag: Some argued the display violated the flag code.

Continuing the trend of face-planting during a holy month, the White House faced further backlash after inviting a transvestite stripper. He did what transvestite strippers are wont to do: He stripped naked in the White House lawn, thereby compelling…

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