Speech Is Hateful to Those Who Hate the Truth – Just Ask Jesus’ Apostles

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(Flag & Cross) Sometime after Pentecost in 33 A.D., Peter and John were going up to the temple in Jerusalem during the 3 p.m. hour of prayer.

They encountered a beggar who had been lame from birth seeking charity from those entering the temple. Peter told the beggar that they did not have money to give but offered something better.

In the name of Jesus, Peter commanded the lame man to walk — and for the first time in his life, he did. Overjoyed, he entered the temple with Peter and John, praising God.This captured the attention of the people in the temple who were amazed at the miracle they had just witnessed. Peter took the opportunity to urge his hearers to repent of their sins and believe in the Lord Jesus, whom they had previously rejected and condemned to death. About 5,000 of those in the temple who heard this message believed.

As Peter and the apostles continued to proclaim the resurrection…

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