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Hawley: Viral abortion hearing moment shows why regular Americans ‘running screaming’ from Democrats
Berkeley Prof. Khiara Bridges labeled him ‘transphobic’ & contributing to violence for disputing ‘people with a capacity for pregnancy’ term.

(Fox) Senate Judiciary Committee member Josh Hawley reacted Tuesday to a now-viral exchange between him and a liberal University of California-Berkeley professor whom he questioned for her repeated use of the identifier "people with a capacity for pregnancy" – during a hearing discussing responses to the Supreme Court’s returning of abortion regulation to state governments.
During the hearing, Hawley asked Prof. Khiara Bridges if she meant to refer to "women" when she repeatedly used the turn of phrase.
"There are also trans-men who have the capacity for pregnancy," Bridges countered, adding "cis-women" and "non-binary people" do get pregnant…Read the rest at Fox News