Taking the Rainbow Back: The Weaponization of Empathy

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(America Out Loud) We live in a world of raging battles between good and evil. Mass confusion and fear have blanketed the earth to a point where our culture has changed to calling evil good and good evil. The Bible warns of this in the book of Isaiah.

The month of June celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and encourages them to let their “freak flag fly.” I attended two of these parades in Chicago many years ago as a young woman and was appalled at the sadistic and masochistic behavior and sexual immorality with children looking on, dressed up in the rainbow, encouraged to support this behavior. Twenty years later, we are living at an unimaginable or unthinkable time, how far off our moral compass has led us.

It’s time we take the rainbow back and shine the light into the darkness, proudly proclaiming God’s word.

The spirit of evil has weaponized the human psyche to use empathy as a tool to take us to the depths of darkness, despair, and confusion. Medical institutions, universities, and mainstream media are pushing this agenda on our kids and …
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