‘Texas Millstone Act’ would ban transgender mutilation procedures under age 26, Open doctors to prosecution

(Now that abortion has been restricted or even outlawed in some states, the deviants have come up with a sinister way to afflict their peversions on the post-born. They want everyone to see this as normal. The goal: When everyone else is screwd-up, they don’t look so F’d up! – DD)

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(FOX) A Texas state representative filed a bill earlier this month that would ban transgender procedures in the state for anyone under age 26 and allow for doctors who provide such treatment to be stripped of their medical licenses and prosecuted.

House Bill 4754, also known as the “Texas Millstone Act,” was filed in the Texas House of Representatives by Republican state Rep. Tony Tinderholt on March 10 and referred Wednesday to the House Committee on Public Health.

The Texas bill is modeled and named after the similar Oklahoma “Millstone Act of 2023” filed in that state’s Senate in January by Republican state Sen. David Bullard.

The Oklahoma bill prompted large protests at the Oklahoma State Capitol and threats of litigation from…

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