The Battle for Parental Rights Continues

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As the school year gets underway, school districts have to choose whether or not to hide gender transitions from parents.

(Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post) -You can tell where the radical strongholds are in the country ever more clearly. There are at least three states that have rules saying school districts should keep student gender transitions from parents.

The latest example of this happened in Maryland, where Montgomery County Public Schools was being sued by three parents who ardently disagreed with the district’s “gender support plan.” This plan allowed for teachers, school counselors, and school administrators to help students keep gender transitions a secret from their parents if those students indicated they will not be supported in this decision by their parents at home.

The three parents who brought the case argued that it was a violation of their 14th Amendment rights. The case was thrown out because the plaintiffs did not have children who struggle with gender identity or who were part of the “gender support plan.” The court did, however, admit that even though these parents had no standing to make such a complaint, that “does not mean their objections are invalid.”

Judge A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr. noted: “In fact, they may be quite persuasive. But, by failing to show any injury to themselves, the parents’ opposition … reflects a policy disagreement. And policy disagreements should be addressed to elected policymakers at the ballot box, not to unelected judges in the courthouse.”…

This affects some 350 students across Montgomery County. An unknown number of

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