The King James Bible helped fuel revolution in American colonies

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(FOX) The King James Bible, the most famous version of the world’s most influential book, was published on this day in history, May 2, 1611.

“The King James, or Authorized, Version of the Bible remains the most widely published text in the English language,” claims the British Library.

Commissioned by King James I of England in 1604, it is famed for its artfully written versions of Old and New Testament tales; its success bringing the Word of God to English-speaking commoners; and its influence on the American colonies.

“In commissioning the first complete English translation of Christianity’s most sacred book, the King hoped to end protests by the Puritan faction of the Church of England,” the website notes.

“The result, beyond simply an authoritative text on which to continue building the national religion, would have far-reaching influence on…

On this day in history, May 2, 1611, King James Bible published, helped fuel revolution in American colonies | Fox News