The Myth of the “Religious Right”

(Actually it was the radical left wing/Marxists that created the religious Right. – DD)
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It Wasn’t the Religious Right That Made White Evangelicals Vote Republican
(Patheos) The Gospel Coalition’s article earlier this month critiquing Randall Balmer’s claim to have discovered the “real origins of the Religious Right” has brought to the forefront once again the question of what prompted the Religious Right to emerge in the 1970s. But while this can be an interesting question, it doesn’t really provide much of an answer to the separate question that too many people conflate with it – the question, that is, of why the overwhelming majority of white evangelicals vote Republican.
This was the question I had when I began researching the history of the Religious Right twenty years ago. At that time, I accepted the myth that white evangelicals were not especially interested in politics before Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority mobilized them, and that many of those who had voted were Democrats. It was the Religious Right, I thought, that had made them Republican.
But I now have a very different view of the history. I now realize that white evangelicals started voting Republican long before Falwell and his Moral Majority arrived on the scene to mobilize conservative Christian voters for Ronald Reagan.
Here’s a quick trivia question to demonstrate that fact: Which Republican presidential candidate holds the record for receiving the highest percentage of the evangelical Protestant vote (at least as measured by National Election Survey data)? Was it Donald Trump? Ronald Reagan? George W. Bush?
Actually, it was Richard Nixon in 1972…Read the rest