The New Leftist Bogeyman

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Leftmedia Frets Over Christian Nationalism

(Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post) The term has become a convenient wax nose the Left uses to smear Christians as racists and extremists.
The term “Christian Nationalism” has become the latest leftist bogeyman buzz word ascribed to any and all conservative Christians who express the conviction that their faith should direct their civic opinions and governmental views. Combined with terms such as “fascism” and “white supremacy,” the label “Christian nationalist” is characterized by the Leftmedia as a growing threat to the country and of course to American democracy. Using hyperbolic warnings that practically mimic the QAnon-type conspiracy theories they’re mocking, the Leftmedia has been churning out alarmist but shallow articles that at best can be classified as misleading, and clearly are little more than misinformation.
A few months ago, the leftist rag Politico published a story with the dubious title, “Most Republicans Support Declaring the United States a Christian Nation.” Within the first sentence the article makes clear its intention to conflate Christian Nationalism with Americans who accurately believe that the U.S. was founded upon Christian principles. It asserts that those who believe the nation was founded upon Christian principles also hold racist, white supremacist… viewsRead the rest