We Need Kids to Be Real Rebels

(An excellent read from the ‘Catholic Thing.’ It’s especially worth following to their site and reading to the end. A real faith is muscular, a Muscular Christianity. Paul and Silas weren’t wimpy, little bores. Never mistake Meekness for Weakness. Follow the examples of our forefathers who left us this rich legacy… – DD)

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(The Catholic Thing) – Do you remember “good ole boys”? They liked fast cars, long-legged women, and ballcaps with Confederate battle flags. I certainly do – and I grew up in California. In the 1990s, I wrote speeches for the governor in Sacramento. Every Sunday, I had brunch at the same Mexican restaurant; and every Sunday I parked next to a car decked out like the “Robert E. Lee” from The Dukes of Hazzard. I never found out who drove that car, but I admired it; my own key chain had a laminated mini-Confederate battle flag on it; and it was not unusual in northern California to see the battle flag on the grills of big-rig truckers.

Around then, Ken Burns’s PBS series, The Civil War, was a television sensation. It was a liberal take on the war, but as was traditional back then, that meant taking the Southern point of view seriously, even sympathetically. The star of the show, whose sweet molasses drawl won many admirers, was historian Shelby Foote, who was partial to the Confederacy.

But oh, how times have changed. These days, Critical Race Theory dominates all, and its anti-American rage – abetted by Democrat politicians and more than a few Republicans – has torn down not just Confederate memorials, but the reputations and representations of…

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