Why You Cannot Be A Christian And A Marxist

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(Jordan Peterson, Daily Wire) – There are only a couple of ways you can be a Christian and a Marxist. One is that you just want to be all things that are good at once regardless of their internal contradictions. So, that would be one reason. Another reason would be that you do not know anything about Christianity or Marxism. The next would be that you are just compartmentalized.

There is this idea that people cannot hold two contradictory thoughts in their mind at the same time. That idea was formulated by someone who has never met a human being because you can hold about 50 contradictory thoughts in your head at the same time, as you know whenever you argue with someone that you love. You love them, and maybe you even like them, but you also hate them and you wish that you could just crush them right then and there. That is a lot of contradictory ideas, and that is probably only half the contradictory ideas that are running through your mind at the moment. You are so full of contradictions that…

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