Yes, Virginia Democrats Really Do Want Abortion Up to 40 Weeks (and Beyond)

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(Bob Rayner, Bacon’s Rebellion) – This November in Ohio, a referendum measure will be on the ballot that will not only enshrine abortion as a state constitutional right — the measure will eliminate parental notification and parental consent on any and all decisions about sexuality and gender in language so broad that it encompasses not just abortion but transgenderism as a question of “reproductive rights” — and it is coming to Virginia.

The Ohio referendum is sponsored not only by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, but also by an organization called URGE, and is backed by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — two groups whose interest in pushing transgenderism is upfront and clear.

Already, several Virginia Democrats running for public office have been open about their support for these referenda, many of which will be on the ballot in 2024 in the hopes that they will boost Democratic hopes in the presidential elections.

The good news in Virginia is that our reticence about referenda is a long-standing practice designed to allow cooler heads to prevail. The General Assembly must approve the referenda twice in concurrent sessions in order for such items to be on the ballot.

Yet in over 30 states nationwide, Ohio is proving to be the test case not just for abortion on demand, but a broader effort by Planned Parenthood to apply personal autonomy to something far more broadly defined than abortion.

Should such legislation pass? Imagine a student who, after watching too much TikTok, decides they want to undergo…

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