YouTube Now Considers Being Pro-Life Is Medical Misinformation

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Is it ironic that my interview with Pastor Ken Peters was taken down at the same time that elections occurred where abortion was a key issue?

(Jeff Dornik, Freedom First Network) – We all know that the Big Tech overlords believe that they are the arbiters of truth. Even Elon Musk and X (formerly Twitter) are continuing this insane censorship with their policy of “Freedom of Speech, but not Freedom of Reach.” Although, they are continuing their outright censorship by banning and altogether.

It’s no surprise, however, that Google and YouTube are continuing their censorship tactics. I once hosted a show called Conversations with Jeff on YouTube, where I’d interview pastors, theologians and Christian leaders about a wide variety of topics, all from a Biblical and Christian worldview. YouTube continually notifies me that I’m having content removed from years ago for discussing both election fraud and covid-19 issues.

Today I got an email that yet another show was taken down. However, when I looked at the date of the show, I realized that it was from BEFORE covid-19 or the 2020 Election happened. This was an interview I did in July of 2019 with Pastor Ken Peters about The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP). Pastor Ken founded this organization to organize church services outside of Planned Parenthoods around the country, simply praying, worshipping and preaching outside of these baby murder mills, usually after hours.

The justification for YouTube taking down this episode of CWJ was because of “medical misinformation.” Now, let me reiterate, we did not discuss…

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