1980s Media Bias Was the Good Old Days

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Sure the media has been biased for decades, but it’s gone to another level in recent years.

(Patriot Post) The Leftmedia isn’t a new thing, though in many ways it’s far worse than in previous generations. Deroy Murdock explains why complaints about bias in the ‘80s pale in comparison to today.
Where is media bias when we need it?
In the 1980s, when the phrase “media bias” grew popular, conservatives complained that such liberals as ABC’s Sam Donaldson would report on a Reagan administration reform and then find a sweet old lady to cry about it on camera. She would weep that if Reagan got his way, she and her pet feline would wrestle nightly for first dibs to the Purina Cat Chow.
While the liberal media twisted stories their way, at least they told audiences the underlying news. Journalists informed Americans first and spun them second.
Oh, how far from that low standard we have tumbled…
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