20th Anniversary of HK’s March Across Dixie!

(I was there the day after the infamous Roadkill slalom on US 80 between Rayville and Monroe. Hard to believe it has been 20 years. We’re all a lot grayer now and the things we warned about back then have all come to fruition. It’s not too late. It’s time to join the fight if you want to keep your country – DD)
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(HK Edgerton Report) Dear Ms. Lunelle,
On Friday, October 14, 2022, alongside my brother Terry Lee and the Chief Trial Counsel, the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource, I would don the uniform of the Southern Soldier and post the Southern Cross where a Cenotaph of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, and one of the Honorable Governor Zebulon Baird Vance once stood to observe the 20 year anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie.
On this morning several crowds of people would come alongside Tour Guides of the City. Many would ask about the carnage and disarray of the site that use to be the Crown Jewel of downtown Asheville deemed Pack Square. One man would comment that the area looked nothing like the brochures.
The spot where the Cenotaph to General Robert E. Lee was covered with something that looked like a cheap sheet. And the spot where the Vance Cenotaph stood was boarded up, and what is left of the base painted with graffiti…

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