43% say #NationlDivorce Imminent, Fear #CW2

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43% of Americans say civil war could happen in the next 10 years

(FISM TV) Polling conducted by the Economist and YouGov has unearthed some disturbing findings. The poll found that 43% of Americans say that the U.S. could experience civil war within the next decade.
Numbers reported in the New York Post indicate that a whopping 66% of Americans believe that the political divisions in the country have gotten worse since the beginning of 2021.
Strife among people of divergent thought has been smoldering in America for decades. However, the contentious presidential election of 2020, the subsequent storming of the capitol on January 6, and President Joe Biden’s recent demonizations of approximately half the country have no doubt accelerated tensions mightily.
Republicans have a more dire outlook for the country, as 72% say that these political divisions will only deteriorate further in the next few years. Democrats and Independents, although concerned, are not as widely pessimistic, as 58% of those groups agree with this assertion.
Republicans similarly view a U.S. civil war as more imminent than Democrats. The poll revealed that 54% of those respondents…Read the rest