A Good Week for Arlington!

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(Southern Legal Resource Center) – Arlington Team members spent 4 hours Wednesday in an Arlington Advisory Committee zoom meeting as the Army continues the administrative procedures that at the conclusion of they hope they will be able to remove/demolish the Memorial. Legally this public meeting should have been commenced BEFORE the decision was made to remove the Confederate Reconciliation Memorial). This is our administrative torpedo in the water – and we are working to force the Army to follow the law, while we fire the political torpedo and the legal torpedo. Any one torpedo, or all, can sink the Army’s demolition plan for the Memorial. Almost all comments were in favor of keeping the Memorial exactly where it is.

One of the documents produced by the Army contained a bombshell admission, that could be a game changer for the good guys. We are seeking court permission to re-open briefing on the Army’s Motion to Dismiss our claims, so we can present this important information. After it is filed we will clue everyone in on the bombshell!

Also 5 members of the Ezekiel clan have come forward wishing to join the Defend Arlington lawsuit to prevent desecration of their kinsman’s grave! It will be very hard for Dept of Justice attornies to say that family members have no right to sue…

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