A.P. Hill removal plans in Richmond now under legal challenge

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(WDBJ7.com) A legal challenge is being mounted against the City of Richmond’s plans to remove the final confederate statue still standing.
A.P. Hill, a general, killed in the Civil War, is buried under the statue, which sits at the intersection of Hermitage and Laburnum on the city’s north side.
Under the law, the city had to petition a judge to get permission to remove Hill’s remains. Earlier this month, a group of Hill’s descendants objected, not to the removal itself, but to what happens to the large granite marker.
“Are the people who have identified their selves as defendants truly defendants? That’s a question of whether they have a right to participate in objecting to the city’s plans,” said Steven Benjamin, NBC12 Legal Analyst.
Those descendants want control of it and don’t want the statue or marker going to The Black History Museum, which has taken control of all the other Confederate monuments removed in the city…Read the rest