A Thousand Good Reasons Not to Enlist

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(Counter-Currents) – In a 180-degree reversal after years of celebrating Bio-Leninist rejects, the US Army recently released a recruitment video featuring white chads jumping out of an airplane. Emma, their previously-lauded girl with two moms from California, is nowhere to be seen — presumably because a real war is brewing…

At last, Eric Cartman from South Park has a place where he can flee from the Disney executives who want to replace him with a sassy black woman — at least until the regime no longer needs cannon fodder for overseas wars and returns to crushing internal dissent. Given their desperation, getting a waiver for his obesity should be easy, too. Even his politically incorrect past shouldn’t be an issue, as I have heard several accounts of recruiters groveling to get back those who were kicked out for refusing the vaccine or for so-called extremism.

The Army being ritualistically humiliated in the replies was one of the most inspiring things I have seen in a long time. White men are increasingly unwilling to die for…

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