About Western/Southern “Civil War” Movies

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(Al Benson. RECKONIN’) For a little recreation, instead of following the news channels, I put on the Western movie channel and watched Outlaw Joey Wales. I’ve seen it several times before but it is always good for a little recreation and there is a certain amount of truth to it .It was a Western/Southern that Clint Eastwood made back in 1976, I think, and if I am correct, he never made another Western until 1985. I can recall thinking after watching it several years ago that I wonder if Hollyweird warned Eastwood about making anymore movies like it, lest his film career suffer for it. I read the book it was taken from by Forrest Carter. Needless to say the book wasn’t exactly like the movie–but then they seldom are.

A couple places in the movie often struck me as not all that far from the truth. One was after the Confederate guerillas surrendered when, after they had been fed, they were just massacred by the Union troops–or as Redleg Jim Lane said in the movie “They were decently fed and decently shot!” It reminded me of what happened when Jesse James answered the federal amnesty and came into surrender to…

About Western/Southern “Civil War” Movies – RECKONIN’