Afghanistan One Year Later

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(Patriot Post) On August 30, 2021, the last U.S. troops were removed from Afghanistan. Joe Biden’s disgraceful and disastrous surrender of the country to the Taliban will have lasting consequences. A man who lost an eye there, former Navy SEAL and current U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw, weighs in on the lessons that should be learned. He begins by saying the first challenge is that “"there has to be some agreement on what the desired outcome was to begin with.”

One of the reasons there will never be “lessons learned” for Afghanistan is because different factions had different outcomes in mind. The national security hawks wanted to prevent the return of a strong and capable Al Qaeda and Islamic State, or a Taliban who would harbor them. We wanted a strategic forward presence and capable partners on whom we could rely. But the isolationists (or populists, or liberals, or “no more endless wars” sloganeers, whatever you want to call them), never gravitated towards any of that. This group places moral value on keeping our military locked up behind tempered glass ready to “break in case of emergency.” And the Democrats? I can’t figure out what they really wanted and neither can they.

Maybe one thing all sides agreed on was this: Someone screwed up, and his name rhymes with Joe Biden. He refused to listen to the advice of his…

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