Age Limits and Term Limits: Pelosi is the senile Poster-Child

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Livin’ Proof – The career of Nancy Pelosi provides an argument in favor of both.

(Gail Jarvis. Reckonin’) The Social Security Administration currently allows retirement at age 62 with reduced benefits and full benefits with retirement at 66. And most organizations, business and nonprofit, have a fixed retirement age usually between 65 and 70. Some state legislatures and charitable organizations have term limits as well as age limits.

But our Congress has neither age nor term limits consequently it has many older career politicians , some in their 80s. And quite a few of these elderly career politicians seem to be just going through the motions. Some are essentially abusing the system and some have actually been corrupted. Nancy Pelosi is a classic example of a corrupt career politician. She has been in congress almost four decades and although she will soon celebrate her 83rd birthday, she refuses to retire. Nancy Pelosi is essentially the poster girl for term limits.

For a long time Pelosi was a pet of…

Age Limits and Term Limits – RECKONIN’