Alabama Paper Smears Southern Cultural Center Conference with SPLC Propaganda

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Why We Aren’t Allowed to Have Nice Things!

(Dixie Drudge) – Using nothing more than SPLC ‘hate group data’ and a few face book pictures the alabama reporter has published their yearly SMEAR article on the Southern Cultural Center’s annual conference. As usual, it’s a screed of fear-mongering, lies and half-truths not even ft to be called propaganda. But what would you expect from their cheif source, the SPLC.

The Wetumpka-based group has been is Montgomery’s sights since day one. With little more than volunteer work and scant donations, SPLC singled them out as an easy target. The fact that SCC just won’t fold up and go away has provided a perennial chance for an attack and fund-raising effort.

Some of this year’s featured speakers were Rev. John Weaver, James Edwards, And Jared Taylor. All credible reports say that the gathering was an informative and enjoyable conference that was well-attended. Of course, that is just what SPLC and the alabama reporter don’t want you to know. To find out for yourself attend next year’s conference…

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