Alamance County (NC) urges Appeals Court to uphold judge’s ruli ng leaving Confederate monument in place, reject NAACP’s appeal

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(Alamance News) – An attorney for Alamance County’s board of commissioners has asked North Carolina’s Court of Appeals to reject a request from the state’s branch of the NAACP to order the removal a 109-year-old Confederate monument from the grounds of the county’s historic courthouse.

The NAACP and its co-litigants had originally petitioned the state court of appeals in March after a superior court judge had dismissed their pleas to have the monument relocated due to the alleged public danger it posed as a flash point for competing groups of demonstrators.

In September of 2022, Donald Bridges, a visiting superior court judge who presided over this case in Alamance County, formally rejected the organization’s claims that the county’s decision makers were not merely allowed, but legally required, to eject the statue-topped obelisk from the grounds of the courthouse.

The plaintiffs had argued that the county is obligated to move the monument under a statutory exemption to a state law that generally forbids local authorities from tampering with “objects of remembrance” that are ensconced on public property.

Under this exemption, local officials are permitted to move protected structures to sites of equal prominence of they present “a threat” to “public safety because of an unsafe or dangerous condition.”

NAACP and its co-plaintiffs insisted that just such a threat to public safety was posed by the dueling demonstrations which had…

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