Alaskan Independence?

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Alaskan Independence Party convention, a chance to learn about unique political movement

(BOB BIRD, Must Read Alaska) In Alaska’s political history, the Alaskan Independence Party holds a unique place. Founded by the embittered genius Joe Vogler in the early 80s in reaction to the federal land grab engineered not only by President Jimmy Carter but also in cooperation with Sen. Ted Stevens, it soldiers on today as a bastion of states’ rights, constitutionalism and the persistent effort to hold a proper re-vote on the Alaska Statehood Act.
Despite what mainstream journalists say, the AIP is not a “secessionist party,” if secession is defined as a belligerent and unilateral withdrawal from a parent nation. This was something that the American colonies did in 1776 and the southern Confederacy tried in 1860. Rather, through Vogler’s persistent research in the days before the internet, the party claims that Alaska (and Hawaii) were denied the four options that all “non-self-governing territories” were entitled to by the United Nations Treaty of 1945.
The options were to continue as a colony or territory, opt to amalgamate with the parent nation (statehood), free-trade independence or “commonwealth,” and finally independence…

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