America in Decline?

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(Brion McClanahan) World War III seems to be on the horizon, and every establishment politico is rushing headlong into the abyss.

This is the message from the stammering, boot-licking hacks during the Davos summit a couple of weeks ago.

Except they don’t seem to mind. Climate change, ya know?

A little nuclear war could be good for the environment. Anything to stop global warming.

This is like a new Keynesianism. Instead of digging holes, filling it with money, and digging it out in the name of “prosperity,” we’ll launch a few tactical nukes and wipe out a few cities in the name of stopping “climate change.”

Of course, the extra benefit would be that we would have to rebuild these cities. Cha ching! Keynes is smiling on from hell.

Who is driving all of this new war drum lunacy?…

America in Decline? | Brion McClanahan Author & Historian