America ‘unrecognizable’ and on the brink of collapse, experts warn

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‘Turning on our own legacy’

(FOX) Is America dying before our eyes?

All societies eventually collapse – from the classical civilizations of Ancient Rome and Greece to the ever-alarming decline of modern America, could the past be hinting at what’s in store?

With skyrocketing inflation, political division, social unrest and a relentless effort to wipe away the fundamental principles of the nation, historians and scholars in Fox Nation’s “American Requiem” series offer an elegy for what the country used to be and warn of what it has become.

“The America of the 1980s has pretty much vanished,” Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo said. “We’re now entering a new period of unprecedented economic, social and cultural change.”

“We’re in a very bizarre and unprecedented situation in our civilization today, which is – we are turning on our own legacy and declaring it evil, oppressive, without any redeeming characteristics…” Manhattan Institute senior fellow Heather MacDonald said in the special.

“There’s [sic] some days I wake up and read the news and look around me and say, ‘I don’t recognize this country anymore.'”…

America ‘unrecognizable’ and on the brink of collapse, experts warn: ‘Turning on our own legacy’ | Fox News