Americans Have Lost Faith In Their Institutions. To Avoid Chaos It’s Time for #NationalDivorce

(It’s time we separate and keep the blue cesspool from dragging us down into their version of a marxist utopia. Time for #NationalDivorce – DD)

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Americans No Longer Have Faith In Our Major Institutions, And So Is The Collapse Of Our Civilization Inevitable?

(Economic Collapse) -If the American people have lost faith in almost all of our major institutions, how is our civilization going to survive? If any collective effort is going to work, people have to believe in that effort. That is true whether we are talking about a sports team, a business partnership, a romantic relationship or a nation as a whole. When people stop believing, it is just a matter of time before failure arrives, and at this point the American people simply do not believe in those that are currently running our society. In fact, a recent Gallup survey discovered that faith in our major institutions has dropped to depressingly low levels. The survey asked people if they have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in a long list of prominent institutions, and these were the results…

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