Another biden Failure! U.S. FINALLY starts evacuating citizens from Sudan

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Buses carrying only 300 Americans left Khartoum after many don’t recieve message

(UK Daily Mail) Buses carrying about 300 Americans left the war-torn capital of Sudan late Friday, after Washington came under intense pressure to explain why other countries had rescued their nationals but thousands of U.S. citizens remained without help.

It came as Khartoum continued to rock with the sound of explosions despite a tentative ceasefire, and foreign leaders tried to broker a fresh truce.

The U.S. convoy reportedly set off late Friday on a lengthy journey to a safe location.

It is being monitored by armed drones flying overhead, according to the New York Times.

The effort was starting as other countries were winding down their rescue efforts.

The U.K. said it was ending its evacuation…

U.S. FINALLY starts evacuating citizens from Sudan: Buses carrying 300 Americans leave Khartoum | Daily Mail Online