Another ‘Public Art’ Monstrosity in NOLA Replaces Real Art Statue of President Davis

(An anti-cultural abomination is what passes for ‘public art.’ Another example of progress in the armpit of Dixie – DD)

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New sculpture is taking shape where statue of Confederate president once stood

(NOLA.Com) – Watch this space. As Canal Street commuters have probably noticed, something’s going on at the site of the former monument to Jefferson Davis on the Norman C. Francis Parkway neutral ground. An avalanche of startlingly scarlet, plastic foam blocks are piled on the steps of the stone platform where a statue of the president of the Confederacy once stood.

The eye-catching, unfinished conceptual sculpture, which is surrounded by a translucent fence, is part of a future multi-part public artwork titled “Abolitionist Playground” by kai lumumba barrow. The artist does not capitalize their name.

The statue of Davis was declared a public nuisance, craned away, and placed in storage indefinitely in 2017. The parkway where the statue stood was formerly named for the Confederate president, but was renamed in 2021 in honor of Dr. Norman C. Francis, former president of Xavier University.

The plinth that once supported the Confederate monument has been used repeatedly by artists as a historically resonant context for alternative public art. Notably, in 2021 Demond Melancon, Big Chief of the Young Seminole Hunter Black Masking Indian tribe, displayed a beaded and feathered suit at the site. Later that year, Rontherin Ratliff and the Level Artists Collective produced a towering sculpture of an African drum being held aloft by human figures, which was installed where Davis once stood.

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