Anti-Southern Bigots Finally Got Their Wish!

WaPo Reports the Secret Melting of Charlottesville’s Rebert E. Lee Statue

(WaPO) – SOMEWHERE IN THE U.S. SOUTH — It was a choice to melt down Robert E. Lee. But it would have been a choice to keep him intact, too.

So the statue of the Confederate general that once stood in Charlottesville — the one that prompted the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in 2017 — was now being cut into fragments and dropped into a furnace, dissolving into a sludge of glowing bronze.

About the reporting
The Washington Post spent a day watching foundry workers cut up parts of Charlottesville’s statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, including the head and sword, and melt those in a furnace. Post journalists were allowed to join on the condition they did not identify the foundry’s location and state or record the workers’ faces to protect them and the facility.
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Six years ago, groups with ties to the Confederacy had sued to stop the monument from being taken… (That’s all this gloating shite I’m gonna excerpt. If you gotta do it in secret that says a lot about you… – DD)

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