Anti-Southern Bigots Still Unhinged in Lumberton, NC

(Ever noticed how the lib media always refers to OUR monuments and memorials as mere ‘statues’? It’s an old rhetorical technique designed to minimize them and reduce their significance. Meanwhile, theirs are always memorials and sacred objects d’ art. Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda… – DD)

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Confederate statue at Robeson County Courthouse (Still) draws questions

(The Robesonian) – Pastor Leo Barnwell of the Faith Community Church stood before the Robeson County Board of Commissioners on Monday evening to address the Confederate statue that stands guard in front of the county courthouse.

“I am here because – it has been about a year now – that the NAACP and others came and spoke to request to remove the Confederate statue,” he said in a calm and deliberate voice. “And asking around county officials, city officials, it’s been like a runaround. And nothing has happened.

“The county has told me they’re waiting on the city to have a plan to put a park or something. The city says that’s not the case,” Barnwell said during a public hearing portion of the board’s regular monthly meeting. “It’s like we’re on a merry-go-round and nothing’s happening.”

Barnwell said he had come before the board because it has been more than 100 years since the statue was placed there in the downtown district.

“Of course, there’s discussion and maybe debate on what may have happened,” he said of the nation’s ugly history from the past. “But we’re at a time now that’s it time to at least address, ‘It was wrong to be able to address that and make it right.’ So, we come with that. But you all really made a decision to remove the statue. But nothing’s happened.

“The question now is – what are we waiting on?’’ he continued. “How long do we wait? It’s been over a hundred years now, and let’s hope it doesn’t seem like another hundred that we have to wait before something has happened.”

Some would say…

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