Any Diversity Means National Decline

(History is not kind to the subject of “diversity” and multi-ethnic empires – DD)

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(Amerika) Diversity leads to a nation’s death. It kills a nation on three important levels: physical, intellectual, and moral. Once all three on these bastardly deeds transpire, there is no point in having the nation anymore. For all intents and purposes, like The Western Roman Empire after the Battle of Adrianople (378 AD), it effectively ceases to exist, regardless of whatever official status it still may claim.

We can see the physical death of a nation, when subservience to diversity renders that nation unwilling and incapable of caring for natural born citizens. An example of this happening in Amerika occurs now in Yuma, AZ.

Yuma Regional Medical Center, the small Arizona city’s only hospital, is strained after spending $20 million taking care of migrants who came across the border in only six months…. “We’ve provided $20 million in care to the migrants that are crossing the border and we just don’t have a…

Any Diversity Means National Decline