Arkansas to get It’s First Ultra-Large Memorial Confederate Battleflag on I-30

(A big shout out to Loy and the members of James Keller Camp SCV for a job Well done! [Shown is a similar Battleflag Memorial in Florida] – DD)

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(Dixie Drudge) – James M. Keller SCV Camp #648 out of Hot Springs, Arkansas is now moving forward with plans to raise a 20ft. x 20ft. Confederate Battleflag atop a lighted, 40-foot-tall flagpole they are about to install on a parcel of land along I-30.

The camp has raised nearly $35,000 for the project, has already laid the foundation and poured concrete at the site. They feel confident they will have the flagpole installed and the flag raised by the end of 2023. Camp #648 is planning a public ceremony to mark the event near Rockport. At that time, they will reach out to the media and invite citizens to join them in celebration. The land was deeded to the camp in perpetuity by a local construction company.

Severable members spoke out to the Malvern Daily Record:

The Commander of SCV Camp #648, Loy Mauch, said he and the other members are happy about where the flag is being placed because the land is situated near Military Road, where Company F of the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment, otherwise known as the Hot Springs Hornets, were mustered in for service to fight against Union troops.

“They were the most famous fighting unit from Arkansas,” Mauch said.

Camp members expressed that one motivation for erecting the memorial at this time was displeasure with former-governor and RINO presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson’s removal of Arkansas’ Robert E. Lee birthday holiday. Hutchinson’s catering to leftist groups was seen as a betrayal by many across the state and should be well-noted by any person thinking of voting for him in the future.

Similar Battleflag Memorials are going up on private property all over the South in response to Confederate monument removals, flag removals from public property and renaming of public places in a wave of anti-Southern extremism carried out by local, state, and federal government officials caving to the wishes of leftist activists.

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