Army should ban flying of Confederate streamers but allow 29th Infantry Division’s Civil War patch, commission says

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(Stripes) WASHINGTON — The commission charged with eliminating commemoration of the Confederacy in the U.S. military recommended Monday that the Army ban the flying of Confederate campaign streamers on unit flags but allow the 29th Infantry Division to keep a blue-gray patch referencing the Civil War.
A 1949 exception to Army regulations allows 457 Confederate battle streamers to be displayed and 48 Army units have at least one of them, according to the Naming Commission. Members of the eight-member group, convened by Congress last year to rename military assets associated with the Confederacy, called for the Defense Department to rescind the exception.
The commission also recommended a change to the description text of the blue-and-gray shoulder patch worn by the Army’s 29th Infantry Division but said the design of the patch could stay the same. The yin-yang symbol used on insignia throughout the division has represented the blue uniforms of Union soldiers and the gray uniforms of Confederate soldiers since World War I.
Community feedback heavily influenced the decision to keep the symbol…Read the rest