Battlefields Foundation making progress toward creation of Toms Brook Battlefield Park

(Ever notice how all these, UN 2030 and 30×30 agendas are supposed to preserve vaste expanses of wilderness and such, but it never protects historic properties from developers? That’s up to us. Curious, isn’t it? – DD)

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(Source) – (WHSV) – The Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation is making progress toward the creation of a battlefield park in Toms Brook.

“Things are really coming together for battlefield preservation on the Toms Brook Battlefield. Over the years we’ve been able to preserve a significant amount of ground there and then a couple of years ago the General Assembly afforded us the opportunity though a direct appropriation to start creating a battlefield park at Toms Brook,” said Shenandoah Battlefields Foundation CEO Keven Walker.

Shenandoah County Supervisor Dennis Morris and his family have worked with the foundation to preserve 123 acres of their land that is part of the Toms Brook Battlefield.

“That 123 acres will be put under easement and protected for all time. There will be public access, the Morris family is allowing us to put in a parking facility, a new bridge, a new walking trail that takes you to a wonderful vista on the battlefield, and it’s really going to open up the battlefield, like never before,” said Walker.

With the new 123 acres, the Battlefields Foundation has now preserved over 1,000 acres of battlefield in Toms Brook…

“Land acquisition and land preservation is always

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