Battles for the Armory this weekend (FL)

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(Tallahassee Tribune) – The Tallassee Armory Guards, Camp 1921 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are recreating two local battles of the Civil War.

The 26th Annual Bill Anthony Memorial Battles for the Armory takes visitors back to 1864 and nearby skirmishes in Chehaw and Franklin. The reenactments show life of Confederate and Union soldiers late in the war. Tallassee Armory Guards commander Fred Randall Hughey said the Union Army was looking for Tallassee and its armory.

“Union raiders came down late in the war with instructions to destroy any kind of mills and manufacturing of armament the Confederates could continue to supply troops with,” Hughey said. “They had instructions to find and destroy the armory.”

Hughey said the armory was valuable because the Confederate government had ordered the move from Richmond the tooling for making a cavalry rifle. It became known as the Tallassee Carbine.

Hughey said it was a short barrelled rifle with a hinged-ramrod to allow the muzzleloader rifle to be reloaded from horseback. It was built in a way the ramrod couldn’t be easily removed. Some 500 of the rifles were built in Tallassee. They, along with the tooling, were ordered to be moved to Macon where their train was…

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