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(Father Dabney, Identity Dixie) – …Hotel lobbies are interesting venues, you can just sit back and watch, something or someone interesting will soon grab your attention. I had just arrived back at my hotel following a long day of meetings, they were nothing special, just normal boring business stuff. That was until, looking to my left and into the hotel lobby, the area where they serve the morning breakfast, it appeared a perfect storm was gathering. My appetite to play the cultural spectator was about to be satisfied. What was to become something fantastical in an anthropological study was transpiring, and I had a front row seat.

Foreigners, all of one ethnicity and all happily socializing in the common area, were finishing up their meals. This particular food has a distinctive and vibrant smell, one that usually makes me ill; although, on this occasion the smell was dispersed enough that the impact was minimal. So, I sat and observed. The group had completely taken over the entire lobby; men, women, and children. All the men dressed in business casual (silk and polyester) and the women in more traditional tribal attire. A group of about 200 were set to occupy that space for some time. Well, until something happened.

Out of nowhere, a stocky bald White man swaggered into the lobby…

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