Better Than Anger

(When I see pictures like this desecrated cemetery in Georgia I just about lose it. So, this sage and scripture-based advice goes double for me… – DD)

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(Chaplin’s Column, The Prattville Dragoons) – “Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.”

Proverbs 29:11 (NLT)

One of my greatest sins is my anger, my temper. I used to blame it on being Scots Irish or having a red-headed mother. As the years have passed my anger has grown. It has cost me relationships, interfered with success in jobs and made life miserable for those around me. While I have never physically hurt anyone from it, I have hurt those around me deeply with my words. I do realize I have written on this before, but I feel it is important to discuss on some given occasions.

One such occasion recently would be the “melted face” of Robert E. Lee from the statue in Charlottesville. It was purposefully splashed across social media by our enemies. I and other Southerners took the opportunity to “strike back.” While it felt good to lash out, it accomplished very little. Our enemies got the reaction they wanted. I then wondered how General Lee would have responded to this situation. He probably would have told us to reflect the love of Jesus and pray for our enemies. Yet another reason Lee was an infinitely better man and Christian than the author of this column. And we can look to many of our Confederate ancestors who prayed for “those people” while engaged in combat with them.

But what of us? The Bible tells us that the tongue is wicked and the most powerful muscle in the body. Jesus even spoke in the book of Matthew (5:21-24) that you can murder someone with your anger.

I was recently discussing this matter with my dear friend and fellow Dragoon, Rob Schwartz. He passed along this article to me. Unfortunately, the author is unknown.

“If you want to tame your temper, you must resolve to manage it.

You have to quit saying, “I can’t control it!” and realize that you can. Just like love, anger is a choice. When you get angry, you choose to get angry. Nobody is forcing you to get angry. People often say…

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