biden Abandoned $7.2B in usable Military Equipment to Taliban in Deadly Afghan Skedaddle

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(Breitbart) A report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction found President Joe Biden’s deadly Afghan withdrawal in 2021 left at least $7.2 billion worth of military equipment under Taliban control, including missiles, aircraft, biometric devices, and communications gear.

The report, ordered by Congress after the withdrawal that left 13 U.S. troops dead, found Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan left $7.2 billion worth of military equipment under Taliban control. The Wall Street Journal reported the initial findings Monday. “The final tally of military equipment abandoned in Afghanistan can’t be confirmed, in part, because the electronic database used to track the material crashed in early 2021.”

Over the course of two decades since the United States tried to democratize the nation, American taxpayers provided the Afghan military with $18.6 billion in equipment, the report found.

The report also admitted some…

Report: Biden Left $7.2B in Military Equipment Under Taliban Control