Biden’s attack on rural America smells bad as manure

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Biden’s bureaucracy will use rule to bully American farmers

Rural America is the backbone of the American economy. Our farmers feed and fuel our country, act as good stewards of our land, and have represented the American identity for generations. They value hard work, live within their means, and support our communities. They never ask for recognition, but the result of their hard work is on display in every grocery store and meat counter across the country.

However, since the beginning of his administration, President Biden has enacted radical policies and imposed ridiculous mandates that would devastate our rural way of life and inject Washington bureaucracy into the heartland. Frankly, it should come as no surprise to the president that his poll numbers have plummeted in the Midwest, with 64 percent of Iowans alone disapproving of his performance. He attacks everything that makes our rural communities thrive.

In late 2022, on the eve of the new year, the Biden administration quietly published an expanded version of President Obama’s controversial and destructive…

Biden’s quiet attack on rural America smells just as bad as manure | Fox News