Big Tech Ramps Up Censorship

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Big Tech Ramps Up Censorship in Wake of Biden’s ‘White Supremacy’ Summit

(Information Liberation) Big Tech unveiled a host of new AI-based censorship and narrative-control schemes as part of Joe Biden’s White House summit on the "evil" and "sinful" nature of his political opposition (all of whom are white supremacists and domestic terrorists)….
YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft, as well as Facebook and Instagram’s parent firm Meta announced on Thursday that they would monitor and remove allegedly hateful and extremist content after President Joe Biden made a speech portraying white supremacy as rampant in the US.
According to a White House website, YouTube will expand its removal of content “glorifying violent acts” and will launch a campaign to help young users identify the “manipulation tactics used to spread misinformation.” Twitch will make it easier for users to report “hate and harassment,” Microsoft will use artificial intelligence to “detect credible threats of violence” from those who use its products, and Meta will partner with the Middlebury Institute…

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