Black “Thought Leader” Wants Reparations and MORE; Says Whites Can’t Pay Their “Way Out of This”

(Those ear rings must be taking a toll on her mind. Obviously she wants a fictional, fallacious debt paid in even MORE blood! Can you imagine if a white Southerner incited something along these lines? – DD)

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(The New American) – The question is: What’s the “more”?

Black author and intellectual Booker T. Washington once famously said that there “is another class of coloured people,” whose members “do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

If anyone currently fits this bill, it’s one Yaba Blay, a self-professed black “thought leader” who states in her bio that she was named one of “Essence Magazine’s ‘Woke 100’” (yes, they meant that as a compliment). After all, most racial hustlers at least maintain the pretense that if the U.S. would merely fork over billions in reparations to its black citizens, the “healing” could begin and all and sundry could hope to come together and sing Kumbaya.

But not Blay, not today — and not ever. White people, you “can not pay your way out of this,” she warns. “There are not enough reparations in the world.”

Blay, who made her comments while speaking to soccer player and coach Abby Wambach, co-host of the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, is surely among the wokest of the Woke 100. She’s not modest, either, stating in her bio that she’s “respected as one of the foremost thought leaders” and is “a globally sought-after speaker.”

The last claim is questionable, though. Blay does have a “PhD in African American Studies” and a “Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies,” and says she has “expertise” in, quote, “Colorism”; “Beauty politics, particularly in…

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