Bodies found near (Wliiamsburg) Powder Magazine identified as Confederate soldiers

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(Virginia Gazette) – Skeletal remains found earlier this year in a cluster of graves in the city’s historic area have been identified as Confederate soldiers, but when and where they will be reburied is an open question, Colonial Williamsburg archaeology staff members said Wednesday.

Jack Gary, the foundation’s director of archaeology who has been leading the recovery project said, “I’m really happy we’re able to work toward identifying these guys (and) then provide some level to dignity” in their reburial.

A group of stakeholders, including the Williamsburg Battlefield Association, Civil War Trails and the Office of U.S. Army cemeteries, will determine the appropriate reburial location, probably in or around Williamsburg, Gary added.

Thus far, research has narrowed the identification of the four remains to to 21 or 22 individuals “that likely died during the period when the (Union-operated) hospital” was caring for the Confederate dead and dying after the Battle of Williamsburg on May 5, 1862. The temporary hospital was next door to where the burial site was discovered adjacent to the Powder Magazine off…

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